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Thu Jan 8 14:33:32 UTC 2004

The idea of an OSS movement that reduces the overall volume of economic
revenues is widespread but wrong. There is no company that burns the
money that is saves on OSS. The money is simply spent on other
purposes creating the same gross domestic product. Therefore
'uneconomic' damage and repair are of no benefit for the economy.


On Wednesday, January 7, 2004, 5:06:26 PM, Michael GroƟ wrote:

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> (it is just like the environment pollution thing: having a company that
> pollutes nature, and then having a company that does the decontamination
> and clean-up economically makes perfectly sense: both produce something and
> thus help raise the gross domestic product. Having only one company with a
> "green" pruducing scheme is in terms of GDP less good).
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