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Some good news for us .. note the paragraph about "how things changed"

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Subject: [eucd] Finnish EUCD implementation postponed

Hi all,

Some breaking news from Finland: our parliament will return the
EUCD law proposal back to the ministry which originally drafted it.

I was today at a parliamentary hearing criticizing the rules on 
technical protection etc. Ville Oksanen from EFFI was there on

After the hearing today the chair of the hearing committee announced 
that because of heavy criticism it is not possible to accept the law 
before March elections. Therefore the proposal will be returned back
  further drafting.

Of course, this is good news for us. While ministry drafting was quite 
chilly and the drafters weren't really interested to hear us, the 
parliament had a different tone. Actually EFFI was the only
- among big corporation like Nokia and large media industry lobby
- who got 2 chances to comment the proposal at the parliament.

To get the picture how things changed: today they had for example 
invited a representative from the official Finnish consumer protection 
agency to the parliament. The agency had made an announcement 
criticizing CD-copyprotections back in december after EFFI's public 
campaign. The agency fellow had really nothing to say about the law 
proposal in detail (obviously they don't understand it) but she just 
read their announcement against copyprotected CDs again :)

Today I got the feeling we can really make a difference if we just want

Electronic Frontier Finland

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