Referentiel des utilisateurs Linux

Neal H. Walfield neal at
Sat Nov 23 16:57:47 UTC 2002

> > Cette liste est principalement en anglais.  De plus, on dit GNU/Linux
> > et non pas Linux quand on parle du système d'exploitation.
> > 
> I don't get to decide about this, but I like being offered the chance
> to see languages I don't know, and consider choice of language a part
> of freedom of speech. Diversity of languages is a treasure, not a
> problem. 

Did you actually read what I said?  Obviously not.  I am throughly
insulted and you owe me an apology.  "principalement" means primarily.
I did not say: this is an English list, go away.  I did not even say:
please post in English this is an English list.  I stated that list is
*primarily* in English and I then proceeded to translate his text so
that he might have a better chance of getting a reply: I know that
there are several people on this list who might be able to help him
and do not read French.

Where do people come up with these prejudices?  I may be American but
that does not mean that I think the whole world should speak English.
In fact, I do not think most Americans think this despite the fact that
when I am in Europe many Europeans would have me believe this (many of
these so called "explanations" on American culture came to me in a
non-English tongue; so go figure).

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