RedHat and software patents

Arnoud Galactus Engelfriet galactus at
Tue May 28 09:32:34 UTC 2002

Alex Hudson wrote:
> As the patents stand, I'm pretty sure that they couldn't be filed in
> Europe via the EPO, but I could be wrong, I haven't checked them out
> that thoroughly.

I've just read them briefly, and I see no reason why the EPO
wouldn't accept them. According to their caselaw, these applications
are technical enough to avoid the "computer program as such"

Anyway, the first US application has a WO (international/PCT) 
counterpart (two, actually):
WO 02/17070 
WO 02/17597 
which designate the EPC countries, so it's possible this application
will lead to a European patent.


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