Antitrust for Free Software (was Re: GPL - possible violation - what should I do?)

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Thu Mar 21 09:49:17 UTC 2002

Il gio, 2002-03-21 alle 10:19, Giovanni Biscuolo ha scritto:
> Il mer, 2002-03-20 alle 18:16, Tomasz Wegrzanowski ha scritto:


> > Antitrust law applies to anyone who is dominant on a market,
> [...]
> Antitrust laws applies to companies, not to software.

Also, it is *very* unlikely that free software companies gains a
dominant position on any software market, as far as they completely miss
all usual tactics leading to a dominant position (see Microsoft
antitrust lawsuit).


Little joke: Free Software is a prerequisite to antitrust ;-)

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