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Guillaume Ponce contact at
Wed Mar 20 10:22:28 UTC 2002

Quoting Rui Miguel Silva Seabra <rms at>:
> It's just that it can generate a lot of money, and they may never see
> a
> compensation from the abuser... he thinks that the GPL doens't protect
> their rights.

He seems to be obssesed by the (natural?) rights of developpers.
A good way to explain him the purpose of the GPL may be focus on the fact that
users may have legitmate natural rights too.

The rights of one end where start the rights of others. The GPL is just trying
to find a new balance between the developpers' rights and the users' rights.

Actually current laws in most of the (western) countries we live in do not
protect so much developpers but their employer companies. I was never paid for
each sold license of proprietary software I contributed to write, my employer was.

Guillaume Ponce

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