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Wed Mar 20 10:22:51 UTC 2002


Simo Sorce <idra at> schrieb am 20.03.02:
> And so? MS ripped lot of free code and put it in their Software without
> contributing nothing back! Is it yet fair to use MS programs? Shouldn't
> your boss regret to buy something from such unfair seller??

> The developers _choosed_ to do so, they know that and they take they
> reward as fame and code contributed back! If he thinks GPL is so bad,
> what about BSD? With BSD you can not only make money but also
> proprietarize the code!! Your boss must think it is a tragedy!
I think that the BSD-license is a tragedy, too. Look at Kerberos 
which was legally (thanks to BSD) taken and "improved" by above
mentioned firm so that they had a new, incompatible,
undocumented protocol.

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