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Frank Heckenbach frank at
Tue Mar 19 13:46:42 UTC 2002

Joerg Schilling wrote:

> >From: Frank Heckenbach <frank at>
> >> Then you are a much better maintainer than the ones I have been in contact
> >> with....
> >Did it ever occur to you that this might be related to your style?
> >If you constantly attack each and everything that comes to mind, and
> >at the same time take any criticism of your statements as personal
> >offense, it's rather hard to discuss anything with you
> >constructively. (Of course, I don't know if your debates with those
> >moderators were similar to this discussion, so my assumption may be
> >wrong.)
> I describe bugs (I don't attack), but then people come and tell me that 
> everything is OK because this is a GNU system. If people regret
> to live with facts, what should I do?

For a start, maybe present these facts. I can only tell from this
discussion, but the problem is that you exactly don't describe most
of the bugs you mention. You talk like you assume that everyone else
shares your experiences and views of the problems.

As for attack, you certainly did. Should I really try to quote all
the attacks and offenses against persons and projects you've made in
this thread? They all can be read in the archives ...

> >It's you who permanently criticizes other systems, most of the time
> >without giving concrete examples. Maybe you have some points, but
> >without telling them, it's hard for us to see them. This way you can
> >only convince people who share your views already.
> absolutely wrong!
> It is people like you who constantly citisize me because I am not using
> the system they know. Just start learning....

Are you trolling? The mail quoted was my first mail in this thread,
so what exactly do you mean by "constantly"? Secondly, I made it
quite clear that I was only criticizing your style, i.e. your way of
arguing here. I didn't criticize you for using or not using any
system at all ...


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