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Thu Mar 7 12:04:57 UTC 2002

>From discussion-admin at Thu Mar  7 07:56:51 2002

>> Is there anything we can practically do to change the bk decision? It looks
>> like bk has raised more than enough technical problems of its own.  Maybe
>> Aegis solves some of them?  Aegis also have problems marketing themselves.
>> PDF manuals, really, in this day and age!  ;_)

>IMHO, its pointless persuing this - linus knows the BK guys quite well (from 
>what it seems).   And while I sympathise with people that say its isn't Free, 
>its is free as in money, and the developers will implement any sensible ideas 
>people suggest, and have stated several times that it is a very complex bit 
>of software, far more complex than say the kernel.  This requires a full time 
>staff to develop it, and they are being paid to develop it by companies that 
>require such a software - the BK people are trying to give the best of both 
>worlds, and I personally wish them the best of luck.

>But on the otherhand I realise the danger (whatif BK 'goes bad' when we are 
>all dependant etc)  but they have added clauses that it will go GPL if they 
>go out of business, etc etc. and are trying to counter most of the usual bad 

It helps to visit the BK web site and read first hand information before 
writing mail that is based on estimations....

BK will bekome GPL if goes offline for 90+ days.


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