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On Monday 18 March 2002  6:54 pm, John Tapsell wrote:
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> Hi,
>   Most of the emails I write in regarding fsf I end up saying the wrong
> things and get flamed - here's another such letter ;)
>   I have a bit of a problem.  I work on many projects, however one of
> them is fairly big, and would benefit linux a lot.  Unfortunately I have
> university and work etc to worry about, and development would be slow.
>   On a whim, I mentioned the project to some VC's, and it turns out they
> love it, and are willing to plow serious amounts of money, and give me a
> team of developers, etc.  Being a uni student, I'm obviously very
> pleased and excited, but if I did this I would have to make it closed
> source, 

Have the VCs explicitly said that?

> and indeed actively protect it.

What if you made it time-delayed open source, like Ghostscript? Would
they go for that?

>   Again, the problem is that it would benefit (IMHO) linux a lot,

Even as closed source?

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