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On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 11:41:26PM +0000, John Tapsell wrote:
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> > Didn't they want it make
> > development go faster by putting money in it. It's perfectly possible
> > to make money with free software. If you come with good argument and
> > bring it in a good way it should be possible to convince them. If you
> > need help, ask here. If you can't, look for another VC.
> It all boils down to money.
> They ask me, 'why would a company pay us any money if they can get it for 
> free?'.  And I cannot answer - but then I'm not a business man.

Neither am I. I just use my knowledge and some logic. :)

English is a bad language, especially the phrase "for free". For free
means gratis, which your software isn't. Your only give freedoms to
your customers, but they still have to pay for it. 

> particulary since as a closed source system I'd be looking at selling it for 
> 10's of thousands of pounds per client (large company)

Why wouldn't a company pay that if you don't even restrict them from
doing what they want with the software? They get additional freedoms,
they should actually pay more instead of less. :)

> Existing companies based on free software tend to provide a service (I'm 
> thinking redhat etc), which doesn't sound too safe.

I think redhat makes a lot of money with software sales combined with

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