GNU Hurd

MJ Ray markj at
Sun Mar 17 14:33:17 UTC 2002

Jörg wrote:
> You again reverse reality :-(

C'mon, why is that a game that only you are allowed to play?  ;-)

> Please tell me why you tell people to fix bugs from other peoples software?

Because if no-one is helping work on popular software, you are left with
only one developer trying to help everyone, which inevitably leads to them
becoming bitter, twisted and cynical, or just ignoring emails.  Worst case,
they quit and then we have common software unmaintained.

It's also a good way to judge what are the popular features, from how much
work is done on the patch to fix/improve/add that feature and how much
demand there is to integrate it.  It keeps the developers in touch with

I fix bugs in other people's code, the same as they help me fix mine. 
Everyone wins in this game.

> This is a nice way to slow down development because time is wasted with 
> understanding other peopls code and in addition GNU coding standards result
> in badly readable sources.

Rubbish!  Coding standards and code reviews are not wasted time.  I assume
from your comment that cdrecord is unaudited then.  Nasty.

> I use the best tools for a purpose that are freely available.

You do not.  You use Solaris.  Do not redefine freedom.

Anyway, I'm really out of here now.  Please don't cc me any more.

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