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Joerg Schilling schilling at
Sun Mar 17 12:54:14 UTC 2002

>From: MJ Ray <markj at>

>>>Just two simple statements so you can even understand that cdrecord
>>>isn't the most important program on earth.
>> You are kidding again. How about giving statements that could help in a 
>> discussion?

>So cdrecord is the most important program on earth to Jörg...

You again reverse reality :-(

I would be happy if there was lest interest in cdrecord.

>> If you like HURD not to be dead, then work on it and make it of interest for 
>> potential users. This is really simple isn't it?

>But applying your earlier logic, no-one should work on Hurd until there is a
>demand for it...  circular argument, I think.

Please _read_ my statements before you comment them.
I sayd work on HURD to create interest for it or stop it.

>Anyway, as I think we're all aware, Jörg's views on GNU tools have consumed
>many characters without making any development of his views because everyone
>who programs anything on a GNU system is clearly insane because there are
>better non-free tools that we "should" be using, in his opinion.

Again you are reversing things.....

Domn't talk about free software, work on it!

But don't tell me that I should enhance other peoples programs and stop
to work on my prorgrams as you do.

Please tell me why you tell people to fix bugs from other peoples software?
This is a nice way to slow down development because time is wasted with 
understanding other peopls code and in addition GNU coding standards result
in badly readable sources.

Again: I am working on _my_ ideas and on _my_ programs. If I have problems
with other programs, I send bug reports. If the bugs are not fixed than it
may be that I stop believing that those programs evolve to decent tools.

I use the best tools for a purpose that are freely available.
If I have a problem with cdrecord or star on Linux, I first try to reproduce
it on Solaris so I can avoid e.g. GDB because it does not give me the
needed features.


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