BitKeeper licence critic / Indirect locking to a non-free tool

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Fri Mar 15 17:38:28 UTC 2002

On Sat, Mar 09, 2002 at 09:01:00PM +0100, M E Leypold @ labnet wrote:
> Jeroen Dekkers writes:
>  > And what if Linus likes BK and just doesn't release prepatches anymore
>  > and just refers to the BK repository?
> If this ever happens and if it becomes a real problem for more than
> 1 competent developer, the Linux development will fork. As it always
> happened with *real* free software. 

Linux development is already forked like hell. I don't see a reason
why you have to fork free software development.

>  > 
>  > I go against all free software developers wanting to use
>  > sourceforgetit already, saying that savannah is really a better
> Certainly. But you can't force people, only convince them. Your
> not-so-diplomatic approach isn't working too well presently, since it
> isn't enough to be RIGHT. You're talking to people who insist on their
> freedom, remember? :-)

I think my approach pretty well worked. I'm subscribed to the
mailinglist of two projects who wanted to create a sourceforge project
and they are now on savannah.

>  > option. According to my knowledge vi (at least some implementations)
>  > and mozilla are free.
>  > 
>  > Free software developers shouldn't use non-free software and promote
>  > free software IMHO.
> Would have been better to give a non-dogmatic reasoning for that. I
> just tried, hope that is understandable.

Why they should promote free software? Because everybody should have
freedom IMHO.
>  > > The Linux Kernel is still Free Software, has always been and I can se no
>  > > reason for not staying that way just because some of the developers started
>  > > using BK...
>  > 
>  > My biggest reasons for not staying with Linux are technical.
> And it's also badd to change arguments midflight.

Where do I change arguments?

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