Miguel de Icaza in Spanish Senate

Laurent Guerby guerby at acm.org
Wed Mar 13 11:40:54 UTC 2002

Eneko Lacunza wrote:
> [...] Hope this will help our politicians understand the current software
> "market".

I hope Miguel will point to Ballmer's patent threats
on competing DotNET implementations.

On the patents at aful.org mailing list, phm at a2e.de said

 > http://www.heise.de/newsticker/data/jk-12.03.02-000/
 > you find a report about Steve Ballmer's speeches at CeBit in Hannover. It
 > quotes Steve Ballmer as saying that for Unix systems a subset of DotNet
 > will be made available but for university research only.  "We have
 > invested millions in this and obtained so many patents on it that we want
 > to use."

Ballmer said this also with reference independent free projects such as
Miguel d'Icaza's Mono.

Also, did spain political officials mention their opinion
on the current directive proposal?

Laurent Guerby <guerby at acm.org>

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