Miguel de Icaza in Spanish Senate

Eneko Lacunza eneko.lacunza at hispalinux.es
Wed Mar 13 12:35:16 UTC 2002


El mié, 13-03-2002 a las 12:40, Laurent Guerby escribió:
> Eneko Lacunza wrote:
> > [...] Hope this will help our politicians understand the current software
> > "market".
> I hope Miguel will point to Ballmer's patent threats
> on competing DotNET implementations.
	I have forwarded this issue to the correct people, so that the
information can reach to Miguel, thank you.
> Also, did spain political officials mention their opinion
> on the current directive proposal?

	There isn't any official statement currently. We're having some intense
activity meeting goverment people, to explain various issues, with
patents being a very important issue. We're contacting the media
regularly as well, so that knowledgement around this kind of issues
reaches as long as possible.

	2-3 years ago our goverment created a new Ministery called "Ministery
of Science and Technology". There is a lot of controversy around it, as
almost all people in IT world thinks that people involved in it has not
enough knowledgement to take decissions. Some past decissions (LSSI ==
the return of Inquisition to "spanish internet") have been very bad, but
we think that things can get better, as they seem that are willing to
hear what we have to say, at least. We'll see.

Thanks and regards,

Eneko Lacunza

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