BitKeeper licence critic

joack at joack at
Sun Mar 10 19:43:56 UTC 2002

Well Jörg,
> /*--------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------*/
>         4.The Open Group reserves the right to charge for HTML/PDF 
>         versions of 
> its publications in the future. 
> /*--------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------*/
is exactly the passage Markj has been refering to for a week now. 
I.e. behält sich das Recht vor in Zukunft für seine Publikationen 
Geld zu verlangen.
Not to charge for future publication (für zukünftige ...) and while this 
may not be the most probable outcome, they may thus charge for 
stuff you already have. AND they may charge ANY sum.
This would not be legal here in our country, but ...
Besides pdf isn't exactly a free standart, is it?


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