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Sun Mar 10 19:54:18 UTC 2002

>From: joack at

>> /*--------------------------------------------------------------------
>> ------*/
>>         4.The Open Group reserves the right to charge for HTML/PDF 
>>         versions of 
>> its publications in the future. 
>> /*--------------------------------------------------------------------
>> ------*/
>is exactly the passage Markj has been refering to for a week now. 
>I.e. behält sich das Recht vor in Zukunft für seine Publikationen 
>Geld zu verlangen.
>Not to charge for future publication (für zukünftige ...) and while this 
>may not be the most probable outcome, they may thus charge for 
>stuff you already have. AND they may charge ANY sum.
>This would not be legal here in our country, but ...

It oboiusly a miss interpretation!

You are not allowed to save a copy of the HTML version.
So you cannot "have" the standard at home.

I believe it would be illegal in any country to charge for a publication
that you only have been able to view.

It is obvious that Mark simply does not like to view the standard :-(

.. If you participated the standard creation, you would have a legal
PDF and a TEXT version. This version has line numbers for the editors
and this looks a bit ugly for this reason :-)

>Besides pdf isn't exactly a free standart, is it?

I would rather like to have a free standard but at least PDF works nearly


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