BitKeeper licence critic

Joerg Schilling schilling at
Sun Mar 10 16:06:14 UTC 2002

>From jeroen at Fri Mar  8 19:30:24 2002

>Having to install non-free software to get the latest piece of your
>software is limiting you if you want to use that software. But at that
>time my default OS will probably be GNU/Hurd.

It seems that here are even people who refuse to read the POSIX
standard because it may become non-free in the future.

When I am doing my work, I choose the best combination of programs -
while I prefer free software if available _and_ if the free software
is standard compliant.

If people always use free software even if it is non-standard, then
we end up in a wold similar to the M$ world and the only advantage
is that we don't have to pay.

A real important issue of freedom is that yopu are not limited by
proprietaty interfaces and file formats and may choose between available


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