What do to about BitKeeper and the Linux Kernel (was: BitKeeper licence critic)

MJ Ray markj at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk
Fri Mar 8 19:40:11 UTC 2002

Jeroen Dekkers <jeroen at dekkers.cx> wrote:
> I don't see why I should even care about Linux and especially Linus at
> all. 

Well, this will be a high-profile snub for Free Software if it becomes
established.  I know Linus is not a real ideologue, but this isn't a nice
message to see getting in the media.  Fortunately, BK has had its share of
problems in this episode, so they're not coming out totally good either. 
The lumps they're taking from the likes of the Ohio State Uni Open Source
club may at least make people think about what they're doing, even if people
don't know what a "petition" is.

> Personally, I just help finishing the GNU system instead of
> caring about the GNU/Linux variant.

That variant is the largest user base today, I think, so it is worth caring
for and trying to educate people from it.

> I don't see why people supporting free software want to get associated
> with some bunch of people promoting non-free software, use the term open
> source and try to get all the credits themself for writing an operating
> system.

Did you enjoy the bit where emails said that BK was open source too?  Nice
demonstration of why that term isn't good.

> They don't give credits to the biggest part of the operating system, GNU,
> a part that is such important that without it Linux wasn't even possible.

Well, to be fair, Linus did choose the GNU GPL and didn't name Linux himself

Let's keep the channels open, eh?  Going all "high ground Hurd" isn't the
solution.  You've probably given me incentive to at least try it on the next
new machine when it arrives.

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