SuSE Yast violating the GPL?

Thorsten K├Ârner thorstenkoerner at
Thu Feb 7 17:36:41 UTC 2002

Am Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2002 17:49 schrieb RIBNITZ Robert:
> Hello,
> I am new to this list and have not checked the archives regarding
> this question, so perhaps this matter has been brought to your
> attention already, and needs no further discussion.
> If it has not, here's the issue:
> In their Yast License, section 3, they state something along the
> lines that it is forbidden to duplicate SuSE linux (and ofc yast)
> without their prior written consent (and possibly a fee)
> Now, SuSE linux contains a vast number of programs that are
> licensed under the terms of the GPL, or LGPL. One of these
> "programs" is a linux kernel (suse contains a modified kernel,
> not the stock one from
> However, the GPL forbids programs that use the license to use
> other licenses/conditions, or to restrict the gpl further (items
> 4, 6 and 7 of the gpl).
> Below are the original postings to a list of some LUG, mainly
> included for the references
> Hoping for a clarification.
> SuSE has been notified of this, about a month ago, and till now I
> have not received a reply.
> Robert Ribnitz

Hi Robert
I think that's OK. Just take a look in the package-series, which is 
called "pay". You'll see a lot of Software, which is not published 
under the terms of the GPL. If you make copies of the Distri, 
you'll violate many licenses of this software-packages.
The YaST-License grants you IMHO the right to distribute YaST free 
of Charge. If you want to make money with that copies, you will 
probably have to pay for this. IMHO is that the reason, you should 
contact SuSE before doing so.
I think, if you would just charge your copies with the costs you 
had yourself to produce, SuSE does not charge you (I think so, I do 
not know, what they will do)


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