SuSE Yast violating the GPL?

Georg Jakob jack at
Thu Feb 7 17:22:22 UTC 2002


On 7 Feb 2002, Reinhard Müller kindly wrote:

> On Thu, 2002-02-07 at 17:49, RIBNITZ Robert wrote:
> > In their Yast License, section 3, they state something along the lines that
> > it is forbidden to duplicate SuSE linux (and ofc yast) without their prior
> > written consent (and possibly a fee)
> > 
> > Now, SuSE linux contains a vast number of programs that are licensed under
> > the terms of the GPL, or LGPL. One of these "programs" is a linux kernel
> > (suse contains a modified kernel, not the stock one from
> > 
> > However, the GPL forbids programs that use the license to use other
> > licenses/conditions, or to restrict the gpl further (items 4, 6 and 7 of the
> > gpl).
> Many programs on the SuSE CD's are under the GPL. YAST is under it's own
> license, and as long as YAST doesn't _link_ to GPL'ed code, it may be.
> And it's not forbidden to distribute software of different licenses on
> the same CD. IIRC SuSE even distributes demo versions of non-free
> software on their CDs.
> So SuSE seems to be just another software company that doesn't want to
> give its users the freedom they deserve, but they act (IMHO) perfectly
> legal.

It is indeed.

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