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Arnoud Galactus Engelfriet galactus at
Mon Dec 16 18:05:44 UTC 2002

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 06:27:22PM +0100, Arnoud Galactus Engelfriet wrote:
> > I can give you another definition of "invention": a practical
> > realization of technology, wherein technology means an application of
> > a natural science.
> The economical consequences on granting patents for that type of inventions
> would be desasterous.  Also the impact on the personal freedom, and the
> freedom of science.  I wouldn't want to live in such a society.

In my view we already live in this society, because today you
*can* patent any practical implementation of technology. I
personally do not think this has a significant impact on my
personal freedom.

I think my definition does not encompass the abstract and the
pure logic, because those are not practical realizations. A
device implementing the abstract, or operating according to
certain logic would be patentable. 

Let's agree to disagree here. I do not think we will ever be
able to convince one another.

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Arnoud Engelfriet

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