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On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 07:05:44PM +0100, Arnoud Galactus Engelfriet wrote:
> Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> > On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 06:27:22PM +0100, Arnoud Galactus Engelfriet wrote:
> > > I can give you another definition of "invention": a practical
> > > realization of technology, wherein technology means an application of
> > > a natural science.
> > 
> > The economical consequences on granting patents for that type of inventions
> > would be desasterous.  Also the impact on the personal freedom, and the
> > freedom of science.  I wouldn't want to live in such a society.
> In my view we already live in this society, because today you
> *can* patent any practical implementation of technology. I
> personally do not think this has a significant impact on my
> personal freedom.

Well, it's bad, but not as bad as you would want to make it with your
definition.  So far, the EPA still has to put in a lot of effort to grant
patents on things it is not allowed to grant patents on.

You might say it has not a lot of impact on your personal freedom.  As if I
care about your personal freedom.  For example, I don't use the word "Amen"
a lot, it would not have any impact on me if it would become forbidden to
say "Amen".  But nevertheless I am prepared to stand up anytime for
someone's right to say "Amen".

If all you care about is your personal freedom, you might be fine with the
current developments in patent law.  However, I have extreme reservations
about your judgement of what is good and not good for the society if you
only value your own freedom and not that of others.  For example the freedom
of Marcel Martin, who was forced to remove a library to handle huge integers
in pascal from the net.  (
> Let's agree to disagree here. I do not think we will ever be
> able to convince one another.

We certainly don't need to repeat our arguments.  Everybody is their own
judge, and people can read over what we wrote and make up their own mind in
which world they want to live.


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