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I just joined this mailinglist, so I you don't mind I would like to
introduce myself (not to personal :)).

I live in Belgium (near Brugge and Ghent), 19 years old, almost 2 years
GNU/Linux users.  At the moment I'm a Computer Science student at the
RUG (University of Ghent).

There I am also the Chairman of ZeusWPI. This is the "Workgroup Computer
Science".  We primairly fuction as a GNU/Linux user group for the
university.  We spread the word :).  Next to that, we give a every year
a couple of lectures/lessons with self written course notes.  We gave
courses about: Installation of GNU/Linux, Apps under GNU/Linux, Anti
spam, LaTeX, PHP, etc. 

In other words, we try to spread the GNU word :)  Next school year I am
also giving an introduction to all the Computer Science freshmen about

Next year I would like to gave a lecture about GNU it selves... but give
by a "certified agent" :).  So are there people here who are up to
that.... or if you give me some pointers.

Thanks in advance,
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