[LONG] (sub)licensing issue

Jerome Alet alet at unice.fr
Thu Apr 11 13:14:07 UTC 2002


I've written a GPLed (not LGPLed) library which I know is currently used
in a software licensed under the BSD license, so this is clearly a
GPL violation since the other software license should be GPLed too.

I'm currently trying to make the other software authors change their
license to GPL to comply with my module's license.

However AFAIK it may be impossible for them to comply since they may be
disallowed to do so by the company they are a part of, which may want to
keep the right to close their sources (we are currently discussing the
issue, no need for a flamewar on them) 

In other words, in the worst case scenario, the two only options
available to them are :
	1 - don't use my library at all.

	2 - ask me for a sublicense in exchange of money 
            (I'm the only author), which I'd be glad to accept ;-)
This is if I understand the GPL correctly.

Now if they finally choose point 2, and ask for my software
under a different license (BSD for example) and I agree, what
are my options to :

	1 - give them my software under the BSD license in exchange
            of money.

	2 - allow them to give/resell and/or close their sources which
            include my own BSDized (or other) sources. 

	3 - don't allow any of their "client" to extract my library's
            sources from their  whole package and redistribute it
            under the BSD license, since I want to keep my library
            under the GPL for the rest of the world.

So is there a license somewhere to solve this problem, or what would
you do in the same situation ?

Since IANAL any help on the text of a possible license would be 
greatly appreciated, especially because I'm french and they aren't...

I've read this mailing list archive (April and March) and I've found
a somewhat related thread but with no clear answer.

I've asked to the FSF but I've got no answer yet.

Thanks in advance for any help.

PS : Sorry if I'm not clear, just ask for more details if needed. 

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