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Manifest to the Free Software Community

This meeting, in its second edition, is a milestone in the construction
of the international free software  movement. Our objective on these
three days is to strengthen the original mission of the movement which
was inspired by the concept of freedom from the Free Software
Foundation. We aim to go deeper into the construction of a concrete
alternative would insert the technological question into the context of
a world with social inclusion, equality and access to technological

One year after launching "Projeto Software Livre RS", we have proven
this is possible. Beyond limited terms in the national scenery, the free
software bases, we have developed many alternatives using free programs.
More than this, we inserted ourselves onto the international scene as an
important locale of development. We proved, with this, that it is
possible for us to be a reference in the technological area,  presenting
solutions, outside of the economic capitalistic center.

This proves that a model based in solidarity, in knowledge socialization
produced results-distribution instead of competition. Concentration and
accumulation are better suitable for the development of our planet. We
have shown that "the other world is possible". Here it's the free
software land.

The coordination of "Projeto Software Livre RS" requires dialog with
other movements and initiatives that aim for alternatives from the
international domination and exclusion. For this reason, we presented
the "Fórum Social Mundial 2001" here in Porto Alegre. We defined this
meeting as one more step, among the many that are occurring in the
world, toward the construction of  the "Fórum Social Mundial 2001".

This way, we'll be strengthening and amplify the free software community
and, at the same time, incorporating our specifications into the
construction of a global alternative program.

We invite the whole free software community: independent developers,
governmental entities, non governmental organizations, distribution
companies, public and private companies, user groups, universities and
research institutions to add up to the construction and convocation of
the "Fórum Social Mundial 2002". Please join us next January in Porto
Alegre and in the preparation of the "Fórum Internacional de Software
Livre 2002" predicted to May 2nd. , 3rd. and 4th.

We greet all participating to the "Fórum Internacional de Software Livre

Free Software RS Project Coordination


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