The German PingoS project

Christian Selig christian.selig at
Sat Sep 29 13:24:26 UTC 2001


Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> The team at address reaches the core team directly.
> The two mailinglists discussion at and
> fsfe-de at also are good places to get in contact with
> all or the German speaking FSFE people.

There is also the education mailing list, reachable via the FSFE
education pages.

> From what I know about PingoS, the project focusses on
> some of the practial advantages of GNU/Linux and Free Software.
> It is stressed several times that "Linux" comes without costs.
> Personally I feel that the project should gently also introduced to
> the mid-term and long-term advantages gained through Free Software.

I agree.

> Maybe we can meet and chat about how we can help each others.
> I think Georg Greve will be in Berlin for the WOS2 and the FSFE
> will have a small booth at the Systems in Munich from 15-19.  Oktober.
> These might be good occasions.

I intend to go to the WOS2, too.

> Note that I am not necessarily lead the education efforts of the FSFE.

I think that's mostly Hilaire and me. :-)


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