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Sun Sep 30 17:32:37 UTC 2001

Hello Heiko,

On Sun, Sep 30, 2001 at 10:48:32AM +0200, Heiko Degenhardt wrote:
> (sorry, I don't know if webmaster at is the
> right place for that. I just emailed education at,
> but without answer. If you know a better contact for us,
> please let me know).

The team at address reaches the core team directly.
The two mailinglists discussion at and
fsfe-de at also are good places to get in contact with
all or the German speaking FSFE people.

> At I 
> read that the FSF Europe actively supports the use of
> Free Software in education. I alsothink that  the use of 
> Free Software and documentation at schools is one of the
> main tasks of the "community" in the near future.

I agree.

> I would like to point you to the German PingoS project,
> which is offering free Linux support for schools and writing
> school software and documentation under the GPL. The homepage
> (currently only available in German language) is at 
>, but you can find a short 
> description of the project in English language at

> We are very interested in getting in contact with other 
> projects that are promoting free software at schools. We just
> got some contact with the Ofset project (, 
> with OpenWebSchool ( and with
> Ganesha's project (
> It would be very nice to here from you what you think of our
> project, and if you see some way that we can cooperate.

From what I know about PingoS, the project focusses on
some of the practial advantages of GNU/Linux and Free Software.
It is stressed several times that "Linux" comes without costs.
Personally I feel that the project should gently also introduced to
the mid-term and long-term advantages gained through Free Software.

Maybe we can meet and chat about how we can help each others.
I think Georg Greve will be in Berlin for the WOS2 and the FSFE
will have a small booth at the Systems in Munich from 15-19.  Oktober.
These might be good occasions.

Note that I am not necessarily lead the education efforts of the FSFE.


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