Mandrake license

Josef Dalcolmo dalcolmo at
Mon Sep 10 08:50:07 UTC 2001

markj at said:
> Does the GPL specify a jurisdiction?  I don't remember it being there.

No, on the contrary. Since Free Software is often a product of many 
individuals in many different countries, restricting the jurisdiction to a 
specific place restricts the rights of those, who have contributed or will 
contribute, but do not reside in this jurisdiction.

In addition, the FSF worries about the following scenario: Someone decides to 
modify some software and puts a jurisdiction in country X on it. If that 
country X then has laws that restrict any of the Freedoms in the Free 
Software, this software would become unfree.

Therefore, a license that specifies a jurisdiction is considered incompatible 
with the GPL. That is why I started wondering about the Mandrake license. I 
think the intent of that license is really just to say: If someone insists to 
sue Mandrake for anything on their distribution they have to do it in Paris. I 
was wondering if that is OK.

- Josef

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