Mandrake license

Bernhard Herzog bh at
Mon Sep 10 11:25:00 UTC 2001

Josef Dalcolmo <dalcolmo at> writes:

> Therefore, a license that specifies a jurisdiction is considered
> incompatible with the GPL. That is why I started wondering about the
> Mandrake license. I think the intent of that license is really just to
> say: If someone insists to sue Mandrake for anything on their
> distribution they have to do it in Paris. I was wondering if that is
> OK.

What exactly does the license apply to? If it's the distribution as a
whole then it may be legal.

The distribution as a whole can be seen as a collection of copyrighted
works that can be copyrighted as a whole independently of the individual
components. Mandrake can choose any license they like for it.


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