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Guillaume PONCE contact at guillaumeponce.org
Wed Oct 31 15:55:41 UTC 2001

> Just now lot of people are hostages of Microsoft, just because they do
> not really own their data, not because there is not a free alternative
> for their software.

I totally agree with this.
And there are some very ugly drawback to have GNU/linux runned under M$ Win32.
People would refer to GNU/Linux as "that good stuff" that runs under Win32
(thanks M$). "That good stuff" could become very popular itself rather than
bringing users to the GNU/linux "native implementation" and this
linked-to-proprietary-software could be leading in the main system development
(what about DirectXFree86? ActiveBonobo? EmacsPad?).

The risk is that we would finally have GNU/Linux hostage of Microsoft. Who ever
wants to get the last GNU/Linux Service Pack in FSFDN?

Guillaume PONCE

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