is copyright evil? (Re: about

David Blane dbFSF at
Sat Oct 20 16:08:27 UTC 2001

On 20 Oct 01, at 14:18, Alessandro Rubini wrote:

> When you listen to music you have all information. 

This isn't the case.  For music to be libre requires all constituent 
sounds to be available and freely sample-able.  Also all the 
programming (much music is programmed too remember) must be 
available and documented.  Basically everything possible to make 
recreation-from-source and improvement of the sound easy and 
legal, so the people don't need cutting-edge analysers (which 
presently aren't remotely good enough, AFAIK).

The copyright dilemma becomes clearer if you happen believe that 
it is ethical to share and enjoy anything that can be freely copied -- 
essentially anything digitisable.  Whether it's legal or not is then 
another question entirely.  Not one I can honestly claim to care 
about, but it aids discussion for everyone if terms are clarified.


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