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Frank Heckenbach frank at g-n-u.de
Fri Oct 19 12:11:31 UTC 2001

Philipp =?iso-8859-1?q?G=FChring?= wrote:

> Why? What do you have against the BSA? They just want the same thing, we
> want: They want to diminish software piracy. ItŽs just the small problem that 
> they do it on the wrong end of the problem. They are only trying to get some 
> publicity against the actual pirates of piratable software.

Good term! :-)

> (By the way, they
> gave an 'official' statement, that everything they do is only for publicity. 
> If some action wouldnŽt give them publicity, they wonŽt do it / forbid it)
> We are working to remove the root of the problem: The existance of piratable
> software. The whole software piracy problem will be away (and thatŽs what the 
> BSA says they want), if the possibility of pirateable software is gone (and 
> thatŽs what we should teach the BSA). Just look at their statements. The 
> software industry looses millions of dollars and euros from piracy. If we 
> solve the root of the problem, all those losses will be gone.

And the BSA will be gone as well, so don't expect much help from
them ...


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