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Simo Sorce simo.sorce at tiscalinet.it
Sat Oct 20 09:34:07 UTC 2001

"Stefano Maffulli (by way of Stefano Maffulli )" wrote:
> Now that I think about it, isn't there in Germany a tax on cd-writers for
> compensating software companies and the record industry for illegal copies?
> Who do you think "suggested" that law? I am suspicious by nature :)
I'm not sure it is really true, but seeing a television programme here in italy
("report") about SIAE I came to know that in Italy you pay a tax on blank cd-rom
and cd-rw to SIAE (10% I think) for the same reason people pay it for cd-writers
in germany.
That's just incredible (I use CD-rom's for backup only) but seem true.

Simo Sorce
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