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Alessandro Rubini rubini at gnu.org
Fri Oct 19 14:22:27 UTC 2001

Hello. Welcome aboard.

> But I think that taking action for this against the BSA is a
> *negative* way to solve the problem.  The risk is that it could let
> people think that we are "on the pirates' side".

No. I'm not for copyright violation. But I'm unhappy when a company
presents itself as a public force that can shut down sites.

> But there is one thing I wonder about www.warez.at.  Well, the BSA
> got the site to close. But how did they get to have their logo on
> it?

"because they are the good that fought the evil" they say.
"because they bought the domain from the previous owner to make that
very page that shows that the BSA is authorized to close sites" is the truth.

The probably offered the previous owner to retire their legal action
in exchange for the domain. I don't know.

A *real* shut-down site has a page that states who shut it down (the
police, or financial police, or the military police) and why (which
law has been applied, when, and which court applied it).

This is not real. But it fakes as real.

> The guys who are likely to visit this site are those who wanted to
> get pirated software

So the BSA gets their IP address and the page whence the connection came
from. I definitely must disable the "Referer" header :)

> The point is: how to get these guy interested in free software? I am
> afraid that they are more interested in getting "free as beer"
> software than getting "really free"

Yes, it's true. But I'm not interested in those guys, I'm more
interested in showing that companies that associated in the bsa "dot
org" thing are acting against the law by trying to look like the law.

Quello che scrivo rappresenta solo il mio personale punto di vista,
non rispecchia l'opinione di organizzazioni di cui faccio o ho fatto parte.

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