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Thu Oct 18 09:03:56 UTC 2001

Hi everybody,

    I guess most of you have seen this, but I would like to bring this
up here anyway... Can't believe the US PTO is really *that* stupid :((
Any comments?

IBM Patents Web Page Templates

     [0]jalefkowit writes: "More follies from the [1]US Patent & Trademark
     Office ... now [2]IBM has been awarded US Patent #6,304,886 for
     software that automatically "generates [a] customized Web site without
     the Web site creator writing any HTML or other programming code", based
     on "a plurality of pre-stored templates, comprising HTML formatting
     code, text, fields, and formulas" that are then customized through the
     process of asking the user a few questions. In other words, they've
     patented the ubiquitous wizards found in [3]FrontPage and other
     newbie-oriented HTML editors. This was submitted to the USPTO on June
     19, 1998 -- surely someone out there knows of prior art for this?"

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