A French Idea

Jérôme Benoit jerome.benoit at grenouille.com
Thu Oct 18 11:18:17 UTC 2001

Hi all, [Sorry, my english is very bad, it's not my mother tongue].

I'm a french system administrator et i've got an idea while i was reading a 
french state report made by Thierry Carcenac and two jobs in two french 
administrations to study the information system to see where Free Software 
can to be intégrate in it (am i clear enough ? :)).

It gave me an idea that can be read on http://libre.grenouille.com. Sorry for 
now it's only in french, maybe if someone find the idea interesting it can be 
translate in other languages.

Anyway, i like to have any comment/help on it from french people that find 
the idea interesting. 

See you.

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