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Thu Nov 1 09:49:51 UTC 2001

yOn Wed, 31 Oct 2001, Werner Koch wrote:

> On Wed, 31 Oct 2001 18:34:10 +0000, Alex Hudson said:
> > For every GNU project that ports to Windows (for example) as standard, that
> > means that the source tree & builds all have to keep the Windows ports up to
> > date. That could be a simple as some #ifdef WIN32 .... #ifdef GNU .. etc.,
> It is not that hard in all cases.  For example the GnuPG port to
> Windows is not actually a port but 2 extra files (Entropy gatherer and
> some utility functions).  With autoconf and a cross-compiler it is
> really easy.

> The only advantage I can see in porting a thing to Windows is that it
> is far easier to get a contract on doing software for Windows than for
> GNU or any Unix system.  If you plan early you can get money for
> writing Windows software and you are actually improving generic GNU
> programs because you can cross-develop the thing.
> I really hope that this situation will change so that we can proudly
> say "sorry, I don't develop for a proprietary system".

Me too. But it's better for security for having source code availability
also on proprietary operating system.

For example, WINPT (, the front end WIN32 for the
wonderful piece of software from Werner. That could extent free software
adoption more easily.  A lot of time, "Marketing/Management" peoples think
by making small step for software adoption.
(Proprietary software/Proprietary OS -> Free Software/Proprietary OS ->
Free Software/Free OS)

I have another example that I meet often in the financial sector. We have
a small company doing security and free software. The adpotion of your
product is easier with people that have Nokia IPSO firewall. Let me
explain, IPSO is an operating system build from FreeBSD (yes, they took
the code and made a proprietary Operating System). But when, you say to
the people you are allready using Free Software, they say not that's not
true... (They ask the technical guys : "Yes is based on FreeBSD and the
manual include the GPL (for readline lib 8-)) and BSDv1 license)

So my deduction about that is :

We should use the marketing way (without losing your mind about Freedom
for everybody) for the management/marketing/... :

"Small step for implementing free software with solutions" (that's the
vision to give to "marketing people")

"World domination of free software and fast !" (that's our real

I suspect it's the same way for Microsoft. (but not with free software


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