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 pg>     How many items do we want to have produced?
 >> * T-shirts.
 pg> How many of them do we want in which sizes?

Probably various sizes although computer freaks seem to have a
tendency towards XL. Maybe we can make a little poll here: what sizes
would YOU want? :-)

 >> * Key chains with coins (Euro-sized) [...]
 >> * Pins. [...]

 pg> Do we want them? 

I'd say yes.

 pg> How many?

I have gathered information about this at some point. They are only
produced in the far east, it seems and the minimum would be about
2000. Then they cost about 0.5-1EUR per piece. They quickly get
cheaper if you order more because the biggest cost factor is to create
the mold.

 >> * Anything missing? [...]

 pg> I got the suggestion to make baseball caps.
 pg> Do we want them? How many?

Baseball caps would be nice, I guess. Dunno how well they'll sell,

We should probably start with a certain amount for the LinuxTag and
that'll hopefully finance the production of a bigger batch then. The
LinuxTag expects 25000 visitors. I think we could sell quite a bit


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