How many? (was: T-shirts and more ...)

Michael Bracker m-exp-nov01 at
Wed May 23 13:34:42 UTC 2001


On 23 May 2001, Georg C. F. Greve wrote:
> I have gathered information about this at some point. They are only
> produced in the far east, it seems and the minimum would be about
> 2000. Then they cost about 0.5-1EUR per piece. They quickly get
> cheaper if you order more because the biggest cost factor is to create
> the mold.

so there certainly will be a difference if have to create a new shirt from
scratch. So is it therefor a big difference if you order now e.g. 20'000
and then nothing for a year or if you order now 2'000 and later 15'000

The whole shirt sounds pretty 'cheap' - it's one you also like to sell,
like to buy and like to wear, isn't it? Still not everything what is
"cheap" has to be bad ;-)

> We should probably start with a certain amount for the LinuxTag and
> that'll hopefully finance the production of a bigger batch then. The
> LinuxTag expects 25000 visitors. I think we could sell quite a bit
> there...

Probably there is interest from resellers who sell software under the gnu
gpl to sell these t-shirts, too. If we could get orders from them already
now we would have a basis of calculation prices and stuff ...

just my 0.5-1EUR :)

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Bavaria, Germany - it is up to me

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