Open Source Software Publication of BMWi (March 2001)

Peter Gerwinski peter at
Tue May 22 23:49:15 UTC 2001

Volker Dormeyer wrote:
> I'm not sure if it is already known. In march the german ministry of
> economy and technology released a german publication about open source
> software. It's called "Ein Leitfaden für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen".
> In my opinion it is a positiv document.

I have studied it.

It is certainly good that they speak in a positive way of Free
Software (although they call it "Open-Source Software").

OTOH the brochure contains some serious errors, the worst of which
reads (translated):

    Proprietary Software
    The opposite of Open-Source Software [...]: Conventional
    software, proprietary software, commercial software. The latter
    terminus is somewhat awkward because the availability of the
    source code does not imply that it needn't be paid for it. But
    according to the Free Software Foundation commercial software is
    the opposite of Open-Source Software.

I offered the BMWi to proof-read the brochure (for free) long before
publication. They pointed me to the company who made the brochure,
and they refused.


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