FSF->beards(); FSF->female_participants();

Kim Bruning (seperate for lists) kim2 at bruning.demon.nl
Thu May 10 11:43:50 UTC 2001

void FSF::beards() {

  Some people here have been making remarks about bearded programmers. I
  just want to point out that *hey* I resemble that remark! I feel
  somewhat discriminated now. ;-)

  If it weren't for a certain bearded programmer, there would *be* no FSF
  in the first place. :-P

void FSF::female_participants() {

  As to the female programmer bit: 

  I would like to point out that the worlds very first hacker was Ada
  Byron(Lady Lovelace). She *invented* programming.

  Another important person was Grace Hopper. She did stuff to make COBOL
  possible. However, since it's still used today, she must have done
  something right.

  I also somehow seem to remember that originally most programmers were
  female (and the engineers building the machines were male), but that
  could just be a hallucination on my part.

  In any case, this does seem to indicate that woman should definately be
  able to programme. I would think that this should be *especially* true
  in the case of Free Software, where intuition, communication, and social
  skills are very important.

  So why aren't there more female free software programmers?

read you soon,
	K. Bruning.

Nice code, but why all those commas and brackets?

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