Why T-shirts are essential.

Lars Weber me at lars.in-berlin.de
Sun May 13 15:12:34 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Lord" == Lord Alistair Davidson, part time deity <lord_inh at yahoo.co.uk> writes:

  >> Personally, I don't think it is good to think in terms of "marketing"
  >> or "advertising" here.  If T-shirts are designed, they should be
  >> designed for the people that are going to wear them.

  Lord> I probably come across as a bit hard-headed and cynical. I'm
  Lord> not. But I *am* very goal-focussed. As I see it, our goal is to
  Lord> increase the freedom of the people with regards to software. This
  Lord> means, in short, more Free Software.

Yes, but it's also important to let the people know about these freedoms
and why they are important.  And to rightfully do this one has to believe
in and live this ideals oneself.

It's not that I question your believes.  I only think that it's easy to
loose track of what is really important when one watches things from a
"marketeers" point of view.

  Lord> Now, I would want t-shirts to be made regardless of any marketing
  Lord> benefits. I want an FSFE t-shirt! :0)

No problem here :)  I'm all for cool T-shirts, too!


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