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josX joshb at xs4all.nl
Wed May 9 15:40:26 UTC 2001

sorry, but I have to respond to this ...

> 	So, let's keep the goals and targets (eek, management-speak)

Yeah!! lets ignore the issues, put up our blinders and go storming in
the general direction our upper-boss points! way to go!

> 	in our sights, and create an organisation which supports and
> 	upholds those targets. A 'power base' certainly does NOT
> 	uphold those targets, but neither does a debating society
> 	which never gets anything done...

Do you read my posts?
evidentally not, otherwise you would see another option here. 

<total far out paranoia ;-)>
Are some of the posts, saying "its all good the core-team is non-democratic
etc etc etc..... I'll support them totally, they must do whatever they like
veto this non-veto that.... "
Created by some people of the core-team? or possible by some people who
back the core-team (non-hackers) ?

I see strange terms like "infighting", "management-speak", and worse:
"PC-buzz-words" (or something). 

Not even to say anything the total inability to think in any other
way than hierarchies and orgenaizations, talk about the `thread a
democracy' is and totally ignore the thread a dictatorship poses...
etc etc etc.

Looks to me some real hard-core managers are also playing out a game here,
feeding this group views that are suposed to be hackers', but who are no
more than manipulations from those who smell the big dollars coming to
them with minimal efforts.
</total far out paranoia>

Do I really believe this?
I am afraid that will be a yes.

But /please/ think for yourself. I might be wrong you know (well, 
theoratically at least ;-) ). So that guy looking at things from a
distance was quite right: I (jos) am portraying a particular view
on the case, the view that it might all go "horribly wrong".

Now, that is just a possibility (well...), but please THINK about
this possibility also /as well/, as about the reasons why teh FSFE
is how it is, and THINK good and hard about it. Just don't ignore
any perspective before you had had a look at it (and rejected it if
you wanted, at least you know what you are doing then (or did)).


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