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Hello again!

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 > 1. FSFE is not strong enough to hold it's own identity right now, and
 > the GNU + stars combination will speak volumes about the organisation.
 > GNU + stars is the best logo, at least for now.
 > OR
 > 2. FSFE needs a professional image, right from the get go, and we need
 > to promote ourselves such that our new logo becomes as synonymous with
 > FSFE as the GNU is with the FSF. We don't want to change later, let's
 > get it right now.

    Having to choose, I think that the one with the best long-run should do 
better, so I'll choose the second one.

    I know FSF Europe hasn't right now much power (look at me, I just readed
in an spanish email-mag what was happening!) but I think it's a matter of 
time and not of Logo. FSF Europe will get more recognized and supported not 
by it's logo, but by THE WORK its formers will do (specially inside the Free
Software community). And a well designed logo will help promote the Free 
Software soul outside its "environment", what I think would be invaluable.

    Anyway, I think that Gnu + stars should do very well, except for it's 
lack of good design (so some promotion problems will eventually come).

    The most important thing is, that we put all our efforts in its 
promotion when it has been chosen. No logo is perfect, so there'll be 
problems to solve anyway. 8)


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