Off-topic on EU vs. Europe (Re: [EUFSF] Re: Logo again.)

Ole Aamot oka at
Wed Mar 21 10:40:17 UTC 2001

* "David Blane" <david at>
| From a Scottish point of view, I must disassociate myself and the
| majority of my compatriots from this sentiment.  A hugely popular
| view is that we're Scottish and European, and only then British.  (I
| get the impression that this, like most "prevailing climates"
| perceived as British, actually represents a sample of some part of
| London or its suburbs.)

I have absolutely no opinion on what the logo for the new FSF Europe
organisation should be, but I will recommend the lecture "We are not
against Europe.  We are against Norwegian membership in the European
Union" by Professor Emeritus Kristen Nygaard.

Nygaard was the leader of the Norwegian People's Movement "Nei til EU"
(No to EU) in 1994 and one of the two original designers of the Simula
language [*] in the 1960s.

| However, the criteria for joining the superstate are very well defined,
| politically and economically, and the FSFE should not appear to
| endorse those conditions to the detriment of alternatives perhaps
| favoured by non-EU European nations.

Well put.

-- Ole

[*] GNU Cim was written and maintained by Sverre Hvammen Johansen, who
is also very outspoken against the European Union.

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