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Wed Mar 21 18:15:41 UTC 2001

Hello Rodger!

In martes 20 de Marzo de 2001 at 16:46, Rodger Etz-Brown wrote to Pim van 

 > Though this point being off-topic it leads to my point about the UK
 > and the prevailing anti-European climate. A country that has got a
 > civil war and two other parts trying to be independent as well, it
 > will not be easy to convince them of just another artificial
 > construct.

    Well, I don't think so, not at least everywhere. Here in the Basque 
Country (Spain) we have some serious problem with terrorism and 
independentists. But, any elaborated independence plan includes being part 
of the current and future European Union. (sort of it is a desirable and 
unavoidable future).


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