Logo again.

Bernd Kulawik kulawik at sim.spk-berlin.de
Wed Mar 21 09:45:03 UTC 2001

Bernhard Reiter wrote:

> Somehow we should try to get some creative ideas in other directions
> as symbolising Europe or using the GNU head.
> It seems that we are stuck with this so far and it is not productive.
> The stars and the head as proposed many times (also the european map)
> are hard to put into a "good" logo. Anja probably already did the
> best job on that that I can imagine so far. 
> So we need to think along different lines. 
> A lot of good logos also contain letters or consist of letters.
> One question might be: What can we make the letters FSFE represent?
> I think that the FSFE is strong enough that we can establish an
> almost completly new symbol, if we decide to do so.

I like the idea. So here's a first suggestion:
What about a Logo consisting of the pure name?
The letters of FREE should be very large, and the other words small 
enough to fit into the same typographical length.
Then, it could be possible to arrange FREE in a square and -  with a 
little distance - the other worts in a square of the same size beneath FREE.
So it would be a very simple, pure form of two squares in the proportion 
of 1 (width) to 2 (height).
The two squares could also be arranged side by side instead of beneath 
of each other.


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