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Xavier Drudis Ferran xdrudis at tinet.org
Tue Mar 20 22:13:18 UTC 2001

> Hi,
> I am sorry, but why MUST the logo associate with Europe ?
It's Free Software Foundation *Europe*.

I don't mean to sanctify Europe. It is not such a special place 
or anything, it just happens that a few people got together to 
work for a goal shared (and possibly inspired) by FSF and 
they happen to be all European (or they think so) and think 
it would be right to join efforts across Europe. 
A FSF sister for the people living no further than 1000 
kilometers from Tugunska would be as good an effort, it's 
simply that it isn't what we're talking about. 

I mean if you don't agree to associate the organization with 
Europe (for some definition of Europe), you must not only 
change the logo but also the name itself. 

> And aren't there more things which is typically european than the flag ?
> If you feel unsure and do not want to disgruntle the european countries,
> that take the Gnu and put a ring of all European Flags around it ;-)

But that would be opening Pandora's box. 
I think you are in all your right to feel more Norwegian (or whatever)
than European. But I feel more Catalan than European but more European 
than Spanish. So if you put the Spanish flag in that ring I'd like the 
Catalan one to be there also. If you don't like the EU then I don't 
like the states, I'd rather the nations. Someone else would have it 
the flags or fields of all cities or towns. 

I sincerely think any set of more than one flag would upset more 
people than a single flag. If there is another symbol that is 
associated with Europe and is not the 12 stars, I think it's fine. 

The map could be right (although we could start discussing whether 
to include overseas lands, or how detailed it should be, 
 and there'd be no end to it).

But many flags just won't do.
I think the 12 stars are OK, if no better option arises. 
After all, I don't like the European institutions as they are, 
but one of the reasons to set up a FSFE is to be able to work 
in, with or against those institutions to help free software. 
Xavier Drudis Ferran
xdrudis at tinet.org

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